Reverse Diabetes!

My husband Michael was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes in late June 2014. His blood glucose tested 283 and his A1C was 10+. Since that time, he’s followed a strict, low carb diet and is maintaining his blood glucose levels between 84 and 105. He is letting his pancreas and liver rest and heal. Michael and I wanted to share his story, so I’m blogging an e-book that will be available for a nominal fee upon completion. The fee will help off set medical costs. Excerpts from the book will be published on this blog until it is complete. It is our hope that we can give some comfort to others who have diabetes. We are not medical professionals. This is just one man’s story about his choices and how he has chosen to treat and hopefully reverse this condition. Yes,  I said reverse!
When Mike realized he was diabetic, he started researching and reading about his disease. There is a lot of data out there to suggest diabetes can be reversed. He doesn’t want to walk down the road of pills and insulin shots for the rest of his life.
You’ll find a link to each article here:
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The Diabetes Solution Kit – Can Mike Manage on 20 Carbs a Day?  08.21.14
Hope For Diabetes Reversal  08.19.14




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