Mike’s HbA1c Results 5.3!

Hello everyone!

So here we are just over two years since Mike was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. He hasn’t been testing his blood for over a year. He thinks it’s a waste of time as long as he eats the things he knows he can have, so why go through that torture. Instead he opts for three month tests at the doctor’s office.

He had his blood drawn for an HbA1c and Lipid panel tests on Friday, July 15. The results came to us by email late Friday afternoon and we’re happy to say his A1c is 5.3!

A photo for you from the Pacific Northwest Coast. Have a great summer!
A photo for you from the Pacific Northwest Coast. Have a great summer!

Mike started off at 10.2 in late June 2014. He changed his diet immediately and within three months dropped his reading to 5.0. Read about it here.

Tests every three months from then produced 5.2 results with his April 2016 test showing us a 5.4, which concerned us. I have to admit we had become a bit lax. Having chocolate pudding (our version) a little too often. So we adjusted and only have that for really special occasions.

Mike’s lipid panel is coming down as well. Things are looking good and he’s still on his road to recovery.

Mike hopes to reverse his type 2 diabetes and so far he has. He’ll probably never be able to eat the way he used to eat, but that’s ok. He’s growing fond of some of the foods he is allowed to eat and rarely misses the junk anymore.

Type 2 diabetes is a metabolic syndrome. We found a report on the American Diabetic Association website that says type 2 diabetes is reversible in the recently diagnosed diabetic. We’re giving Mike’s liver and pancreas time to heal, and we’re doing that with diet alone. No metformin or other insulin suppressing diabetes drugs for Mike.

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