HbA1c Test Results Show NO Diabetes!

Mike had his blood drawn for an HbA1c test that measures his average blood sugar level over the last three months. His result was 5.2.  Normal range is less than or equal to 5.6%

This is his 5th test in 15 months where his HbA1c results have been between 5.0 and 5.2 as you will see in the table below. When we found out he was diabetic is HbA1c was 10.2.HbA1c_11.10.15

He also had a Fasting Lipid Panel done at the same time. This test measures the good (HDL) and bad (LDL) types of cholesterol in the blood to help determine risk of heart and blood vessel disease. Some of these results were high. Is Mike concerned? Not at this point. We’ve watched some interesting Youtube videos from doctors that say the body needs cholesterol to function properly. Cholesterol is used in tissue repair and is vital to neurologic function to name a few.

Component       Mike’s Value     Standard Range
Cholesterol        261 mg/dl      <=239 mg/dl
Fasting Trig          61 mg/dl      <=199 mg/dl
HDL Chol              48 mg/dl        >=40 mg/dl
LDL Chol             201 mg/dl      <=159 mg/dl
Lipid Panel Interpretation

We are hopeful that Mike is healing from diabetes. We believe that given the food and supplements he needs, the body will do it’s best to heal. We also believe that most medical doctors treat the symptoms of diabetes, not the cause. Treating the symptoms does not heal the body. Diabetes is a metabolism disorder. The body can no longer metabolize the glucose that is being eaten. We believe the first order of business is to reduce the carbohydrates (glucose) that we eat, and when we do eat carbs, make them low glycemic index carbs.

We are researching more on cholesterol so we can understand the high numbers Mike has received in these test results, and we will share some of those links with you here. So far, we’ve found that cholesterol is used in tissue repair, is a precursor to vitamin D, and is vital to neurologic function.

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