A Classic Barrel Chair Gets a New Look

Barrel chairs – deep chairs with a semi-circular form, sometimes known as Tub chairs – come in many shapes and sizes. 

I took the challenge and offered to upholster a pair of them. The first one is finished and in its new home. I thought I’d share some photos with you here.

Recovering a Barrel Chair
Taking out all the staples is very time consuming.

Reupholstering a Barrel ChairThe bones of this chair are in good shape. I can’t over emphasize taking a lot of digital pictures of the deconstruction process. Those pictures will help you later as you put the chair back together. Be sure to label each piece as you remove it. I use a felt tip marker and write on the old fabric.

Upholstering a Barrel Chair.
Attaching the seat. Find center back and center front of the frame and fabric. Staple to the frame from the center working out from both sides while continually checking how the fabric is fitting and adjusting as you staple.
Barrel chair reupholstered
Adding the channel back to barrel chair. Find center of the fabric and the frame and start stapling from the center out in both directions – top of chair back and bottom of chair back.
Reupholster a Barrel Chair
Barrel Chair – reupholstered and in it’s new home.

Barrel Chair

Reupholstered Barrel Chair
Reupholstered Barrel Chair





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