Reverse Diabetes: More Good News for Mike!

Mike’s HbA1c test came back at 5.1!
Normal HbA1c is less than or equal to 5.6%.

Let's reverse diabetes! Mike's HbA1c history.
Let’s reverse diabetes!
Mike’s HbA1c history.

I am so proud of him. During these last three months between April 28 and July 29 Mike has eaten the same low carb diet, but added a bit more carbs. He’s had a beer on occasion and also eaten his other dessert – sugar free pudding in addition to low glycemic index carbs. (Between July 2014 and April 2015 he drank no beer.)

How does a diabetic man increase carbohydrates in his diet and still pull a 5.1 test result?

We think eating a healthy low carb diet, has caused him to lose 30 pounds and defat his liver and pancreas, which in turn is allowing them to function as they’re supposed to. We’ve read and believe that given the chance to heal, the liver will heal itself. We’ve read that the pancreas will heal to some extent also.

Mike's HbA1c test results history.
Mike’s HbA1c test results history.




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