One Year Anniversary – No Diabetes!

June 28th, one year ago today, Mike found out he was diabetic. What a shock! He immediately began a life change that resulted in losing 30 pounds and bringing his HbA1c to a consistent 5.2. Does he have Type 2 Diabetes today? His blood sugar readings say No!

I think he has trouble metabolizing carbohydrates. When he eats too many carbs they become toxic.

Today Mike is in better health. He is maintaining a low carb diet (30 to 60 carbs a day) and tests his blood sugar once a week on Fridays. He still has neuropathy in his feet, but the feeling in his feet has improved. As a side benefit, Mike’s hayfever allergies are minimal.  What a blessing.

And he is on NO medication! He strictly controls his blood sugar with diet.

Throughout this year, Mike and I have experienced a sharp learning curve. Meals at home are basically a protein and a vegetable. Examples might be any combination of lean beef steak, lean hamburger, turkey burger, turkey bacon, turkey sausage, boneless, skinless chicken, oysters, salmon, talapia,  hummus, and brussel sprouts, broccoli, lettuce, spinach, zucchini, cucumber, vegetable spagetti, tomato, onion, cauliflower, sweet & hot peppers, yams, and eggplant. We also eat white cheese – mozzeralla or monteray jack, parmesian, ricotta. We got rid of all the oils in the pantry and replaced them with coconut oil, avocado oil, and olive oil exclusively. (Note: Avocado oil has a high heat tolerance for not smoking, followed by coconut oil. We fry with either or both. Olive oil is used exclusively for salads. Coconut oil is a Omega 3 fatty acid. It doesn’t get stored in fat tissues. From what we read, it is absorbed into the cells and burned as energy.)  If we go out to eat, Mongolian Grill is a big hit, Carl Jr’s Western Bacon Burger as a lettuce wrap with no sauce and a side of onion rings, and Jimmy John’s lettuce wraps are great!

At times we need some cheater foods. He can have 19 Cheetos. Mike eats Pork Cracklin’s on taco salad (for the crunch). We eat green and black olives, dill pickles, coconut macaroons and coconut fudge (totally allowed and made my way), Almond bread, and for a real treat we have sugar-free pudding with sugar-free whipped topping and some ground nuts on top. He eats a lot of mixed nuts and peanuts. I use stevia occasionally. I also put cinnamon in many recipes because I heard that cinnamon was good for diabetics.

Well, there you have it. If I could offer one more thing I’d say to check the labels on the processed foods you purchase. How many carbs does that product have? How much sugar does it contain. Get rid of the wheat flour and sugar in your house. Get rid of the pasta – unless it’s buckwheat pasta, and change out the oils you use.

Good luck in your journey!

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