Mike’s HbA1c is Holding Steady in the Normal Range!

Mike was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes in early July 2014. At that time his A1c was 10.2. Since that day he’s been on a mission to reverse his condition. He had his blood tested again in late January 2015. As you can see he tested at 5.2. Why is his reading up 2/10ths of a percent? We think it’s because we increased his allowed carbs. We’re trying really hard to include limited quantities of low glycemic index carbohydrates into his diet. Some of those are yams and buckwheat.

Can diabetes be reversed?
Mike’s A1c is doing well and in the normal range.

Here it is late April and I’m just posting these results. It’s been 3 months. Mike goes in again this week to have another A1c test done. I can tell you that he has lost 32 pounds. He only tests his blood sugar once a week, unless he feels the need to test more often and he is on
NO  medication.

He also craves something crunchy… chips or crackers. He does have a few vices. He is allowed 19 cheetos occasionally. Yes, I said 19. I buy rye crackers that he can have in limited quantities. He can dip cucumber slices in hummus or bean dip, but that’s not the same salty crunch he craves. And I’ll take one store bought pie crust to use as the top for some meat and vegetable pies that he loves.  He is basically living a paleo diet.

I’ll post his next A1c results soon.


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