Teaching Julia to Sew

I love Val Well’s Little Wallet. It’s so handy and I make it often to give as gifts. My friend Julia has seen the Little Wallet that I carry and I suggested she make one for herself.

I precut all the fabric pieces and sewed the little pieces of velcro closures on the wallet ahead of time. 1BFirst Julia sewed 1/4″ seams all along the outside edge catching the outside fabric, inside fabric and all three pockets from one side to the other leaving the bottom of the purse open.IMG_9962 The three pockets are hidden between the layers in the photo above. When she turns the wallet rights out, you’ll see them. IMG_9965Then she clips the corners so they won’t be so bulky when she turns it right side out. Julia turned and pressed her Little Wallet. IMG_9967The smallest front pocket is turned inside out and she sewed a seam across the bottom catching all of the fabric pieces. IMG_9968Then she turned that pocket right side out and hid the seam on the inside, creating a finished edge for the bottom of the purse. (Not sure why she needed three pair of scissors.) IMG_9969Pressing it gives the wallet a clean finished look.

Julia is ready to start using her Little Wallet. IMG_9970It’s great as a business card holder or add a debit card, a little cash, and she’s ready for hands-free shopping! Great job Julia!6B

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