Mike’s A1c Came Back In the Normal Range!

Well dear readers, I’ve got great news! Mike saw his doctor and got the results of his A1c test. Now if you remember, we discovered he was diabetic in late June 2014. Praying a lot and wondering what we would do, we stumbled upon a book that encourages diabetics to try to reverse the disease. Mike absolutely did not want to start taking chemicals to control his diabetes, and saw following the guidelines in this book as his chance at reversing his disease.

Mike’s A1c in early July 2014 was 10.2. Today his A1c is 5.0.  Wow! Anything under 5.7 is considered a normal.

Mike's A1c went from a 10.2 to a 5.0 in three months.
Mike’s October A1c

To accomplish this Mike eats a low carb diet, and low very or no sugar. He also tries to exercise several times a week. You can read about the supplements he takes here. You can see the chart we created that show his blood sugar readings when he started (283) to what his blood sugar readings are now (80 – 90) here. The program Mike is following is on an earlier post here.

His Dr. said, (and I paraphrase) “To be honest with you, I didn’t think you could do it. But you’ve showed me otherwise.” And then he shook his hand. Yesterday was a great day. Now our plan is to let his liver and pancreas rest so they can restore and rejuvenate themselves.

2 thoughts on “Mike’s A1c Came Back In the Normal Range!”

  1. Wow I just found out that I was diabetic it’s what can I do to bring my blood sugar down my clucosa is( 141) and my
    A1c) is 6.5

    1. Hi Eddie, When we found out Mike was diabetic (July 2014 A1c 10.2) we immediately began researching to find a way to control it with diet. We threw out all wheat flour products, changed our diet to high protein, vegetables, and healthy fats that included coconut oil, olive oil, butter, lard, and avocado oil. It was tough at first because we were used to all those carbs and having sugar in everything we ate. (That feeling will pass.) We limited his carb intake to 20 carbs a day for the first three months. Within three months Mike’s A1c went down to 5. Since then we’ve increased the carbs he can have. When we did that we made sure the carbs were low glycemic index carbs. Type 2 diabetics have a metabolic syndrome. Mike’s body can’t metabolize the carbs and sugars well. They are like poison in his body. To control his diabetes naturally he had to remove the carbs and sugars from his diet. He was diagnosed back in July 2014. For an entire year he tested his blood and kept track of his readings on paper. For two years he had his A1c blood test every three months. In 2017 he hasn’t tested or tracked his blood sugar. He knows what he can eat and what he can’t. You should read some of the articles I’ve written on my blog about Mike’s journey. I wish you the best on your journey. 🙂

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