Low Carb, High Protein: Chicken, Basil, Tomato, Turkey Bacon Sandwiches!

With Mike being diabetic and trying to manage his diabetes and possible reverse it by eating a low carb diet, I’ve had to come up with some unusual meals. He can’t have a sandwich made with bread, (too many carbs for his 20 carb per day diet) so the next best thing was to cut the chicken breast in half and make it the ‘bread’.

I took a chicken breast, cut it in half lengthwise, sprinkled it with some Mrs. Dash No Salt, poultry seasoning, rosemary, and a little olive oil. I microwaved it about 5 minutes. I also microwaved four strips of turkey bacon for the same length of time.

Mike spread mustard on one chicken breast, added sliced tomato, onion, turkey bacon strips, basil, and the other side of the chicken breast for the top, and then served that up with some green olives! It was good!

Low carb, high protein sandwich
Chicken, Basil, Tomato, Onion, & Turkey Bacon Sandwich


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