The Diabetes Solution Kit – Can Mike Manage on 20 Carbs a Day?

Mike immediately started a three step plan outlined in “The Diabetes Solution Kit”. He eats 20 grams of carbs each day at Step One. Just seven weeks after beginning this plan, Mike is maintaining his blood sugar between 76 and 110. His goal is for his fasting blood sugar and his evening blood sugar to be in the 80’s. He recently met that with fasting at 87 and evening reading at 84. The trick is to hold it there.

Mike eats 20 grams of low glycemic index carbohydrates per day!
Mike eats 20 grams of low glycemic index carbohydrates per day!

Eating only 20 carbs a day is tuff to do! There are carbs and sugar in almost everything that is canned or processed in some way. Mike eats salads, most any fish and seafood, spinach, broccoli, fresh tomatoes, cabbage, brussel sprouts, lean boneless, skinless chicken, turkey bacon, sunflower seeds, almonds, and peanuts.

We literally check the label of every container of food we buy at the grocery store. He eats nothing with sugar in it and we have to keep his carbs at 20 (for the entire day). One thing we have learned is that we can subtract the fiber from the carbs to reduce that number.

It’s been tough but I’m proud of him. He’s been able to follow the plan, lower his blood sugar, lose 20 pounds, and (we hope) give his pancreas and his liver time to heal.


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  1. I also sent a message thru Facebook. I want to know did you buy the digital diabetes solution kit or the books itself? I read bad reviews on Barton Publishing Company and I am a little worried. Also you said you follow the paleo diet. Do you have recipes? My husband is diabetic and wants to reverse his also. I thought I read you were writing a book on your husband’s journey. I am interested. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

    1. Hi Cynthia,
      We bought both the digital and book Diabetes Solution Kit. The book we can take with us when we travel and we are able to share it. The digital sets on our desktop computer and we can read it there. Don’t know anything about bad reviews with Barton Publishing. Following the steps in the book worked for Mike. It wasn’t and still isn’t easy. It’s hard to give up the things you love to eat, but he has set his priorities.
      Your husband needs to cut his carbs. When we found out Mike was Type 2 Diabetic nearly one year ago (June 28, 2014), we took him back to no carbs or very little carbs immediately. At the recommendations in the book, we got rid of flour, sugar, all oils, and mixes with high carb count. My pantry was empty. We bought olive oil, avocado oil, and coconut oil and use those exclusively. Olive oil for salads, the other two for frying. Avocado oil does allow a higher heat before smoking. I read the back of every packaged food I buy. I shop in the meat and produce sections almost exclusively. We tend to eat more simply – meat and a vegetable or salad. I’m always on the look out for food ideas. I follow Danielle Walker’s blog – Against the Grain and puruse other blogs and recipes for ways that I can adjust them to fit our lifestyle.
      Today, Mike is keeping his HbA1c around 5.2. I consider him to have an intolerance or sensitivity to carbs. His system doesn’t process them well anymore, so he can have limited amounts and we try to make them low glycemic index carbs. I’d love to share more with you by email. There are a few recipes on my blog that you can try. Let’s stay in touch. Cindy

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