Hope For Diabetes Reversal

Mike was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes in early July 2014. Since that time, he’s experienced a whole range of emotions, been scared to death, felt there was no hope, and that his life was over. He researched online for days trying to find out more about his disease and how he can beat it. As Mike says, “I’ve got to know the enemy, if I’m going to beat the enemy.”

As he spent hour upon hour online researching this disease, he realized the consensus of health care professionals, that if you have diabetes, you must be put on medication to control and regulate your blood sugar. But as he looked into the chemical medications and their side effects, he didn’t want to take them for reasons we’ll talk about later in the book.

Then he found The Diabetes Solution Kit which gave him hope that he might be able to control his disease with diet and that he might even be able to reverse it. I don’t want to make this paragraph sound like an infomercial! Mike found other documents that gave him hope that diabetes could be reversed. One technical paper was published on the American Diabetes Association website and is titled “Type 2 Diabetes Etiology and Reversability”. Quote from the last paragraph: Formal recommendations on how to reverse type 2 diabetes in clinical practice must await further studies. In the meantime, it will be helpful for all individuals with newly diagnosed type 2 diabetes to know that they have a metabolic syndrome that is reversible.

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