Dry Laundry Powder – Homemade and Inexpensive!

I’m all about saving a few bucks! Who isn’t in this economy? Well, I stumbled across a Pinterest post for making homeade laundry soap and shared that idea with my daughter-in-law, who washes laundry for a growing family of five. The recipe was a liquid soap, thick and gloppy, mixed up in a big plastic storage tub. A person had to stir it up before using it, because the ingredients would separate. Other than that, it worked ok. Then I was talking to a girl at work about the dry version she uses. I tweeked the recipe a bit and have been using this recipe for several months now and wanted to share it with you. It works great and it’s easier to store.Laundry Soap
Homeade Dry Laundry Soap
1 cup Fels Naptha, grated
1/2 cup Washing Soda
1/2 cup Borax
1/2 cup OxyClean

I double the recipe and store it in a glass jar. The glass jar is too big, but I like the shape and will use it until something better comes along. Blend the ingredients together. Use 3 tablespoons per large load. There are no suds. I always put the soap in the machine before adding clothes, as the water is filling the drum. If I have a problem stain, I give it a one-two punch by putting a touch of Palmolive Dishwashing detergent (any flavor) on the stain and adding a touch of Oxyclean on top of that, before putting the item in the washing machine. Laundry Soap Combo

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