A Forest Trip Found No Saola, No Elk, No Big Foot, No DB Cooper – Oh Well…


I spent a wonderful fall morning traipsing around the beautiful Cascade Mountain range near our home with my guy.IMG_20131110_091814_861 - Copy IMG_20131110_091134_950 IMG_20131110_091616_783We saw no sign of Saola – dubbed the Asian Unicorn – (really a rather large ox said to be ghosting through the forests of Laos and Vietnam), nor did we see DB Cooper or Big Foot! I did, however, take some pictures that I wanted to share with you. IMG_20131110_091852_038 - Copy It’s been a few years since I’ve been in the mountains. I know that’s sad when I live so close. I loved the way the morning sunlight lit up the alder trees. Here’s a view from the Siouxon Bridge. IMG_20131110_082910_131 IMG_20131110_084441_257 IMG_20131110_085511_493 I leave you with a peek-a-boo view of Yale Reservoir from the landing on Rashford Spur Road. If my camera hadn’t been my cell phone, you could have seen the bridge in the bottom of the triangle of water.

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