Make a Flower from an Old T-Shirt

IMG_0657 It fascinates me to think of all the different things a person can do to repurpose an old t-shirt. I’m going to show you how to make a fabric flower.IMG_0654 I cut one strip 1 1/2″ wide off the bottom of this t-shirt. Then I folded it in half lengthwise and serged all the raw edges. IMG_0656  I made 1/4″ snips with my scissors along the entire length of the strip of serged fabric, being careful not to cut through the serged edge. I also cut the strip in half, making the strip 46″ long. It’s no longer a circle of fabric. IMG_0658 I cut a 2″ diameter circle to serve as the back. IMG_0660 Next I started sewing the serged edge to the 2″ circle. I started about 1/8″ away from the outer edge of the circle. Using a needle and thread, I used a running stitch to attach the strip of fabric to the circle. IMG_0661When I make my next fabric flower, I’ll double the first row. As it is, when I was done, I had 20″ of leftover fabric. IMG_0663 I love my Clover Desk Threader! It is so handy! I put my needle in the hole, with the eye down, put the thread in the groove and push the handle down. Pull the needle out and it is threaded for me. Waa Laa! It’s great!

IMG_0669 Now to pick out a decorative button for the  center of my flower. PicMonkey Collage I really like the fabric covered button at the top. We have a winner! I have a winner! What can I make with this fabric flower? I’m limited by the fabric I use, and how many I make but… I could make a corsage, wrist corsage, headband, fabric necklace, purse decoration, gift box topper, pin, hair clip, a flower for a vintage hat, pillow decoration, wreath, bouquet, or I could put a few at the waistline of a dress.  Sky’s the limit really!

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