Visiting Quilt Shops on the Oregon Coast

I took my friend Grace to the Oregon Coast for a day of visiting quilt shops. We started with Jane’s Fabric Patch in Tillamook.  Gracie at Jane's Quilt Shop - with photo corners and text - Copy Tillamook County has a Quilt Barn project and the city of Tillamook has a Walk Our Blocks tour. It was fun driving through town looking at quilt blocks on businesses. If you get the chance, take the five mile drive through farmland and look at the 8 ft. painted quilt blocks on barns. Grace had me take this picture of a rhododendron growing in someone’s yard. It was as big as a small tree!Rhody - with photo corners and textA few miles north of Tillamook, OR. is the small town of Garibaldi. We went out on the pier and ate lunch at a little restaurant with pirates out front. It was a photo opportunity and Grace took my picture with two of the swashbucklers! The third pirate was busy climbing a rope! Sorry I can’t remember the name of the place, but they make the best deep fried sea bass! Then we were on to visit Creative Fabrics in Wheeler. Both Jane’s and Creative Fabrics have a quilt block painted on their buildings. Pirates collage with photo corners and text - Copy  After lunch we drove on to Cannon Beach.  Grace had never seen the Oregon Coast. She is from Wisconsin! She loved seeing the rocks along and in the water.  Haystack Rock with photo corners and text - CopyWhen we came around the corner into Cannon Beach from the south entrance, she almost went off the road! Right in front of her was Haystack Rock – close up and awesome! Poppy with photo corners and text - CopyCannon Beach was full of summer blooming flowers like these poppies. Cannon Beach - with photo corners and textOur last quilt stop was at the Center Diamond in Cannon Beach. Each shop was packed with beautiful fabrics and notions. We could have stopped at more shops in Astoria as we made our way back home, but this was a day trip, and we just ran out of time. We had lots of fun and will have to do it again! In fact, I’ve got an invitation to visit Grace’s quilt shop All Hands Around in Waukesha, WI. Coastal Quilt Shops - Copy

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